Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

Gajar ka halwa is the best ‘winter time’ dessert. Eat is warm or cold – its delicious…!

Cooking time : 30 mins
Prep time : 15 mins


Carrot – 5 cups (grated)

Milk – 1/4 gallon

Sugar – The more, the sweeter 🙂

Ghee – 2 table spoons

Raisins, Cashew – Handful


1)In a pan, heat ghee and cook raisins and cashew till they turn golden brown. Let this cool down to room temperature.

2)Now, heat 1/2 table spoon ghee and add the grated carrot (on low flame). Let this cook for about 8 mins but keep stirring with a ladle to avoid carrot from burning.

3)Add milk to the cooked carrot; let it cook for about 12 mins. (You can see the carrot getting condensed and getting thicker).

4)Add raisins, cashew to this halwa and stir thoroughly.

Carrot halwa is ready to serve! 🙂



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