Gulab Jamun (home made)

Gulab jamun is super easy to make from scratch. Try this and see the difference in taste. 

Cooking time : 30 mins 

Prep time : 17- 20 mins 


Khoya – 1 cup 

All purpose flour – 2 table spoons

Cooking soda – 2 pinches 

Sugar – 1 1/4 cup ( depends on the level of your sweet tooth 🙂 The more the sweeter! )

Milk – 3 table spoons

Cardamom powder – 1 1/2 table spoons

Water to make dough

Oil to fry ( Ghee can also be used to fry. Warning – it will surely be a sinful delight 😉 ) 

Dough: In a bowl- add grated khoya, baking soda, cardamom powder, all purpose flour, milk. Gently make a uniform mixture. Kneed into a dough while adding water. The dough should be soft and not sticky. Make small (uniform sized) balls out of the dough. 

Sugar syrup: In a pan bring water to a boiling point and add sugar. Let it melt and then keep stirring the liquid till it becomes thicker. Now turn off the heat and let it sit. 


1) In a deep pan- add oil and heat it. Once heated, lower the heat to a medium. 

2) Gently roll in the dough gulab jamuns into the pan. Let them cook and fry till they turn golden brown. 

3) Using a slotted spoon rally the golden brown gulab jamuns into the bowl of sugar syrup. 

Yumm yumm gulab jamuns are ready. Serve them either hot or refrigerate them. 

Exquisite combo: Warm up gulab jamun and add a scoop of ice cream.




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