Chilly Mushroom

It is a simple and tasty recipe for the taste buds and a better replacement of chicken for the vegetarians. It can be cooked in many variations but I stuck to the Chinese style. Can also be said Manchurian style. The only difference lies in the quantity of spice. 


For batter:

1) All purpose flour – Corn flour – 4 table spoons 

2) Maida – 4 table spoons

3) Baking soda – 2 tea spoons

4) Pepper – 2 table spoons

5) Salt – as per taste.

For Sauce:

1) Capsicum – in different colours, 1 each 

2) Onions – 2 

3) Soya Sauce – 2 table spoons

4) Vinegar – 2 table spoons

5) chillies – red + green ( as per requirement)

6) Oil – 4 table spoons

7) Ginger garlic paste – 3 table spoons

8) Mushroom – 200 gms


1) In a bowl, mix all the flours, salt and pepper. Make it a thick paste.

2) Wash the mushroom well and dice it into medium pieces. Generally I put the well washed and cut mushrooms in hot turmeric water to kill the bacteria if any. Many dont do this and can be done as per your convenience. 

3) Drain all the water from mushrooms and add in the batter. Heat oil, and fry them until brown and keep them aside. Drain all the oil as much as possible.

4) In the same pan, with 2 tablespoons of oil, add the diced cube onions and fry until golden brown. With the onions add the red and green chillies. After they turn brown, add ginger garlic paste. 

5) Cut the capsicums in the shape of cubes. I used red, green and yellow colour for aesthetics. Add these capsicum to the onions and wait for them to cook.

6) Add 2 tablespoons of soya sauce and vinegar and mix them well. 

7) Add the fried mushrooms in this sauce and keep it on a very low flame for few minutes and then it is ready to eat.

You can also do the following

1) You can garnish it with spring onions at the end as well add it after the ginger garlic paste leave out its smell.

2)  If you wish, you can add two tablespoons of sugar too along with soya sauce and vinegar. It would give a good taste.

3) Dont add more baking soda. 



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