Jaggery Coated Peanut

Peanut jaggery is a traditional sweet that is made with generous amount of jaggery and ghee. Usually comes in shapes (squares) and is truly an indulgence! However, I have customized it to a healthier choice of dessert. 

*Jaggery Coated Peanut*

Cooking time – 30 mins 

Prep time – 5 mins


Peanuts – 2 cups

Brown sugar/jaggery – 1 1/4 cup

Sesame seeds- 1/2 cups


1) In a heated pan, dry roast the sesame seeds till the color changes to golden yellow. Dish out the roasted sesame seeds into a plate.

2) In the same pan: dry roast the peanuts for about 8-9 minutes. 

3) Now lower the heat to a medium and add brown sugar/jaggery to the pan. Allow the sugar to melt and add sesame seeds. 

4) Mix thoroughly and let it cook on low heat for about 6-7 minutes. 

Jaggery Coated Peanut is ready to eat!!



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