Appalu can be called as the puran poll of south India. Appalu are synonymous with any kind of celebration at home. It is also said to be Lord Hanuman Ji’s favorite dish. 

Cooking time: 35-40 mins

Prep time: 10 mins


Jaggery- 1 1/2 cup 

Rice powder – 1 cup

Atta/Flour – 3 spoons 

Sooji – 3 spoons 

Ghee – 4/5 table spoons 

Cardamom – 4 

Oil for deep fry


1) Boil 1/2 cup of water; add jaggery and cardamom. Let the jaggery dissolve and add ghee. To this mixture add flour, sooji; stir for 5-7 minutes. Please ensure that this mixture is well cooked. 

2) In a pan, heat oil to fry. From the cooked dough; make small balls (1/2 inch size) and flatten it to form a circular shape. 

3) Deep fry them till they turn golden brown in color. 

Appalu are ready to eat! Appalu can be served as dessert after any meal or can be served at snack time.



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