Peanut chutney

This is our first post in ”Mom Made” a online recipe note book started by me and my friend Harika. We both being food lovers taking inspiration from our first known cook, mother. Together we share our experiences from the kitchen to make some of the most delicious dishes.

It is one of the most easily made and famous chutney of south India especially Andhra Pradesh. Often eaten with dosai and idli the taste is very enticing. Also can be a side dish with roti or phulkas. It has high proteins and good to be a part of morning diet.

Overall cooking time 20 mins,

Preparation time 10 mins

What would you need?

1)      A cup of groundnut 2)      5 green chillies ( depends on how spicy you want)
3)      4 small onions 4)      Oil
5)      2 tablespoons of chana dal 6)      Tamarind or curd
7)      5 garlic stems 8)      Salt

For tempering

1)      Curry leaves 2)      4 red chillies
3)      Urad dal 4)      Mustard
5)      Jeera 6)      Hing

The recipe 

If you have seen this chutney earlier, it might have been either white or light brown. The color is a consequence of the peeling of groundnut skin. But there is no change in the taste which is more important than the appearance.

1) Fry the groundnuts in a pan, either peeled or unpeeled till they become brown and leave aroma. Then keep aside to cool. Keep in mind, we have a long way to go, and don’t finish the peanuts.

2) Cut the onions into cubes and fry in oil along with chanadal, green chillies, garlic for 5 mins in low flame. Add tamarind at the end and allow it to cool.

3) Now grind the peanuts if left along with the items of step 2 by mixing with water. I add less water as I like it thick. If you want to try with curd instead of tamrind, add the curd now and grind it.

4) Now for tempering add all the items as mentioned in the list above and wait it to cool for few minutes and then mix it with the paste of step 2. Now you can add salt to taste and water as you wish.

 Peanut chutney


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